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Star 1 400 U Points

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Star 5 50000 U Points

Star 3 4500 U Points


Star 4 9500 U Points 


*All prices are in USD and all charges are subject to  tax, surcharges, paypal transaction, bank wire, foreign transaction and admin fees. All inclusive tax upon checkout at current exchange and UTOKEN rates.

Star 2 850 U Points

Each U Point is worth $1. So, If you have 400 UPoints, it means you are purchasing
$400 worth of UTokens at the current price.  If they were 10 cents, you would get 
4,000 UTokens.

Interested in being  royalties share holder?

Please contact us for more details.

We are only sending funds in  EURO (EUR)
465 Euro 1 Star Package  (400 UPoints)
930 Euro 2 Star  (850 UPoints)
4650 Euro 3 Star  (4500 UPoints)
9300 Euro 4 Star  (9500 UPoints)
46500 Euro 5 Star (50,000 UPoints)

Avoid Pay Pal fees and send us a bank wire directly! 

​​Current USD rates *subject to change

$575 One Star Package (400 U Points)
$1150 Two Star Package (850 U Points)
$5750 Three Star Package (4500 U Points)
$11,500 Four Star Package (9500 U Points)
$57,500 Five Star Package (50,000 U Points)